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Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
Engineering Chemistry Laboratory of the institute is well intended to provide practical knowledge of chemical science aspects to the engineering students. The laboratory has all necessary equipments, chemicals and glassware required for live demonstrations and active performance of the practicals. Apart from the regular equipments, two hot air ovens, two distillation units and two electronic weighing balances, pH meters, conductivity meters, spectrophotometer and flash, and fire point apparatus are the real assets of chemistry laboratory. The syllabus of Engineering chemistry of B.Tech. contains ten practicals from all three branches of chemistry viz. inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. For all the experiments, well prepared practical manuals are available in the laboratory. These manuals comprise of basic theoretical background and detailed procedure of every experiment. These manuals help the students to retain and apply the knowledge gained from textbook while performing the experiments.

Engineering Physics Laboratory
Advancements in physics throughout its history have come about mainly driven by experiments. It gives an opportunity for the students to develop and enhance their skills of experimental observation, data analysis and proper scientific documentation which are always important in the career of science and engineering. The institute has well furnished physics laboratory. There are thirteen experiments in the syllabus and a manual corresponding to each experiment. The manuals provide the basic theoretical background and detailed procedure of all experiments. The students use these manuals so as to perform experiments and use their laboratory time for a gainful purpose. The equipments available in Physics laboratory are Tangent Galvanometer kit, Dielectric kit, Diffraction grating kit, Michelson's interferometer, A.C. Vibrator kit, Optical Fiber Trainer kit and Spectrometer.

Communicative English Laboratory
English plays an indispensible role in every profession. For engineering students it is a passport for success as the engineers have to deal with different clients across the globe. Keeping this aspect in view, our institute has designed a well furnished Communicative English Laboratory. The laboratory is a technological breakthrough for imparting skills in English. The laboratory offers an exclusive result oriented ambience to enrich English language learning process. The communicative English laboratory is equipped with all modern audio-visual equipments like LED projector, Overhead projector (OHP), Television, DVD & CD player which are essential to motivate the student's learning attitude and to provide an interactive learning environment. All the four skills of language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are honed in the laboratory by performing various activities like Group Discussions, Creative Writings, Power point presentations, Introduction sessions (how to introduce yourself) and Mock dialogues. All these activities help the students in improving their Communication skills.

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