Institute of Engineering & Bio-Technology
Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to PTU, Jalandhar.
College has its own mail server and mail accounts are given to all the students and faculty. College has a very informative website and is hosted in the college itself. Two high end dual processor based dell servers are totally dedicated for these services.
Online Resources
College is member of the AICTE-INDEST program through which our students and faculty members can access around 120 reputed journals in various branches of engineering through web portal of IEEE i.e., www..ieeexplore.ieee.org. Department has access to all the journals of the Science direct as well.
Campus Wide Networking
To provide access to the central computing facilities and Internet access throughout the campus, optical fiber based 100 Mbps backbone campus wide area network has been implemented in the college. This network connects all the departments, hostels and faculty residences. Latest managed layer-3 and layer-2 switches and optical fiber physical medium has been used to implement this project which currently serves some 200+ nodes in the college. The process of establishing wireless hotspots to make the campus Wi-Fi enabled is underway.
Internet Access
College is connected to Internet through 2 Mbps (1:1) Full Duplex optical fiber leased line and this service is distributed throughout the campus through campus wide network.
Computing Hardware
Department has around 300+ branded HP, Wipro and IBM desktop computers having latest configurations to satisfy the computing requirements for various laboratories and project work of students. High end workstations and servers have been made available for special applications like simulations and central computing in the department.
Almost all the major software required by students and researchers has been made available in the department. This includes all the major server and desktop operating systems, databases, application software, Matlab, CASE tools like Rational Rose and software development platforms.

Data Structure & Programming Methodology Lab
The lab provides the students with a fairly good concept of the fundamentals of data structures and also of the commonly occurring algorithms. It presents the general approach towards analyzing and evaluating and implementing the database algorithms
Relational Database Management System Lab
This lab provides the exposure to use databases and build an RDBMS. For this, they are provided with the server based ORACLE software. To make them learn more effectively, students are given projects for implementation.
Computer Network Lab
In this lab students are trained in various networking technologies and given fair amount of exposure in design and implementation of networks. Extensive campus wide network real time experiment test bed for students to learn. Students are taught to design, implement, secure analysis and manage networks.
Programming Languages Lab
This lab provides exposer to the students in various programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Prolog. Student gets sufficient hands-on practice to develop their programming skills.
Digital Circuits and Logic Design Lab
This lab provides the basic knowledge of digital hardware components and train to the students in digital design and making them familiar with the CAD tools in digital system design.
Software Engineering Lab
The student are acquainted with the a repertoire of principles, tools and techniques (like Rational Rose) and the approach being used in industry for software development.
Data Communication Lab
This lab provides students with in-depth knowledge of data communication technologies. Lab is equipped with latest data communication trainers, LAN trainers, simulators and test & measurement equipment.
Computer Peripherals and Interfaces Lab
In this lab students learn the functional details of various peripheral devices like video display units, disks tapes cartridges printers, Fax- Modems, TV interface, Sound and Video cards, CD-ROM, CD-WORM, DVD, Keyboard, Mouse, Digitizers and Plotters, serial and parallel interfacing techniques different types of bus connections, handling a peripheral device through the study of Input/Output drivers of the operating systems, design and integration of a peripheral device to a computer system.
Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Information Technology Lab
This lab provides the much needed exposure to basic programming language and information technology to help students to effectively exploit the potential of computers in the course of studies and their preparedness for professional life.
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Lab
The course provides sufficient knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of networks and their applications.
Introduction To Business Systems (IBS) Lab
To familiarize students with basics of data processing, COBOL and data management packages. It also introduces students to basics of Software Engineering.
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